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Sniper Game 2.0

Enjoy the adventure and feel the fantasy of being a real Sniper
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If you are a real gamer, and when I say it, I mean it; then this game will definitely captivate you. From the Saga of Spy Adventurer, Sniper Game will make you feel like you're really after the bad guys. You must be alert since at any moment the enemies will come for you, be aware of your surroundings and with your eyesight very sharp - you'll get to kill any moment soon.

You have to choose the game mode, either easy or hard, this is up to you and depends on your skills. You'll have 12 levels to advance, you can't shoot the guys who seem to be civilians, so watch out and be careful, just shoot the guys trying to kill you. Using the right click with your mouse you might feel every shot as if it were real.

This game can be great for those who really love the adventures and feel excited to fulfill the mission, accomplishing it and getting a chance to pass to another level. The adventures gets more and more exciting with every step of the game. This game is suitable for those who have accurate aiming and cat-like reflexes.

Enjoy the adventure and feel the fantasy of being a real sniper. The adventure will begin right when you're ready for the action, with this game you feel the slight sensation that time flies to other dimensions. Your imagination will flow freely along with your new skills and capabilities.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Enhances reflexes
  • Teaches concentration


  • Slightly violent
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